> Kill your Television with Shimelle - Feb. 10


Kill Your Television Class Project with Shimelle
Sunday, February 10th, 2008 CHA week
7:30 pm
$45 pre-paid, no cancellations

You realize there are better things to do in life than watch TV,
right? Simple stuff. Healthy stuff. Fun stuff that creates way more
memories than watching reruns again! In Shimelle's class, you'll
assemble a mini book declaring just that -- your ability to switch off
and go do something more exciting! You'll play with mixing patterns,
colours and textures, put your stamps to work and try mixing vintage
glass glitter with brand new bling for a look that's both retro and
now. What really makes this book unique is that half the photos are
provided in the kit...then you add the second half after you've made
the book in class. You won't be stuck for what to look for - the
photo inspiration is there and you can take pictures to complement
each idea, making it so easy to finish with your own perspective.
Plus we'll get down to the nitty-gritty and Shimelle's favourite part
of any project: the journaling. During the entire month of February,
Shimelle is sharing journaling secrets on her website
( and she'll show you how to put them in action to
make writing it all down a piece of cake.
If you tune in during class, you'll be ready to scrap {and write
about!} an entire stack of photos of the things you do away from the
tv set.

Supplies needed:
Trimmer {preferably one that can cut in the middle of the paper rather than just complete cuts}
Dry adhesive
Fine point glue pen
Paper piercer
Black pens {make sure you have one you like for journaling and one that will write on photos}
Black staz-on ink pad
Two sets of letter stamps that you love -- one in the 1-2" high range and one small set.

*all classes are pre-paid and there are no cancellations or refunds, if you are unable to attend, we can save the class kit for you or you may send someone in your spot.